Identity and Objectives

ProZante is a not-for-profit cooperation platform founded by 20 Zakinthian scientists living abroad.

It was created to support the island and its local authorities in their development efforts.

We are unpaid volunteers.

ProZante is politically neutral and inclusive. Its Articles of Association are online (in Greek only). 

Our goals are to: 

  Offer information, proposals, solutions, evidence and examples of good practice. 

  Contribute to the development of a long-term Development Strategy for the island. 

  Provide information about possible sources of European funding.

ProZante is:

- Independent from politics and political parties. It is not the incubator of a political formation.

- NOT serving anybody’s financial, political or personal agenda.

- NOT an implementation body for development projects –this is a task for the local and regional authorities. We do not receive or handle funds for project implementation. 

- NOT a consultancy firm for private individuals or companies. 

- NOT an export intermediary.

- Not a remunerated partner in funded projects.

Our initial proposals for Zakinthos


   Proposals for concrete actions to help the island improve. 

   Examples of good practice from international experience.

   Information about possible sources of European funding.

These initial proposals are meant to stimulate the debate. They are far from perfect. We count on your help to improve and complete them.  Please send  us your input (remarks, proposals, evidence, examples, etc..

We call upon

All friends of Zakinthos, natives or not, Greek or not, living there or not. In particular, we turn to the young scientists, professionals, entrepreneurs, students and to all those who can contribute ideas and specialist knowledge to strengthen the island’s efforts.  Last but not least, we turn to the generations of Zakinthian expats around the world.

We count on your participation and support in order to maintain the independent character of ProZante and to deliver on its goals.

  Join as member

  Support ProZante with a donation

  Contribute specialist knowledge

  Help us improve our initial proposals for Zakinthos.

You can write to us in Greek, English or French.